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Application Process – Documentation

While our evaluation process begins with the objective scoring based on responses to the Ethics Quotient (EQ), our review does not end there. We also request applicants submit documentation to allow us to subjectively evaluate certain aspects of their program. The type of information submitted provides us an understanding of the program beyond answers to the EQ. For example, the EQ asks questions about modalities of communications; the supporting documentation goes further and allows us to evaluate the quality of the communications.
EQ scores are adjusted based on documentation review and independent research. Each candidate then receives a final score that may be higher or lower than the initial “self-reported” score. Note that if we are unable to evaluate certain aspects of performance (i.e., requested documentation is not submitted), the resulting scores may be discounted.
We supply a list of recommended documents in the Supplemental Documentation Guidelines provided to each applicant. As explained therein, applicants are expected to provide documents and evidence to support their responses to the Ethics Quotient questionnaire. Ethisphere will only contact an applicant regarding its supporting documentation if no documentation associated with the applicant organization is received (this is to ensure there was not a problem in delivering or transmitting the documentation) or if there is a technical issue with particular files or documents. If an applicant is missing a specific document or documents, Ethisphere will not contact the applicant, nor will the applicant receive any points associated with review of such documents.

While Ethisphere will not contact an applicant except as specified above, each applicant will have a specific portal that will indicate whether documents have been received. Assuming an applicant submits documents as instructed, the portal will indicate whether documents have been received for each category.