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Fees FAQ's

Beginning in 2015, Ethisphere instituted a processing fee in order to, at least partially, cover the administrative costs of the thousands of hours our team of experts spend gathering and analyzing the data.

The application fee also allows us to provide each participant with their benchmarked scores and best practices that helps to inform their programs and future decisions.
  • For companies operating in 24 or fewer countries the application fee is $3,500
  • For companies operating in 25 or more countries the application fee is $4,500


There are no additional fees to be honored or communicate either internally or externally that an organization has achieved this designation. However, organizations that wish to use the year-specific World’s Most Ethical Companies logo must license the logo and follow the branding guidelines. Ethisphere developed these guidelines in coordination with the Ethisphere community and by examining best practices from other organizations that review and recognize organizations. Once licensed, the logo for that year may be used in perpetuity without additional fee. There are also options to join the World’s Most Ethical Companies Gala, and to purchase trophies.