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Honorees FAQ's

No. We evaluate every organization independently and then in comparison to peers within the context of structure, size and operating environment. Because we’re recognizing organizations that are the “most ethical” and not merely “ethical,” there is a natural limit to the number that we honor both in total and by sector. The number can vary based upon the ever-increasing expectations of stakeholders (both internal and external) and the fact that the scoring process is updated to reflect changes in best practice and methodology.


In 2024, there are 136 honorees representing 20 countries and 44 industries. See honorees >



We strive to honor organizations based on their body of work and not just one particular policy or program that is groundbreaking or admirable. Likewise, we don’t believe that one particular controversy, settlement, fine, regulatory action, or lawsuit necessarily disqualifies an organization from being honored. That being said, these outcomes are taken into consideration during the evaluation time frame. How organizations prepare employees for ethical dilemmas, how they respond to unethical or illegal actions once uncovered, and their general culture and policies are also considered in our evaluation.